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Whether it’s maintenance or servicing that you require, leave it to the pros at MR Heating & Cooling! We offer great packages with excellent value. Regular maintenance keeps your heating & cooling systems running for much longer!

From basic maintenance to our maintenance plus packages, we offer a variety of options to meet your needs. Learn more about our heating & cooling maintenance services for furnaces and air conditioners in Ottawa. Contact us today!

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You can make your home’s heating and cooling system last longer with regular maintenance done by professionals! With the help of MR Heating & Cooling, you can ensure that your system is functioning as efficiently as possible and get ahead of any small issues before they become costly ones!

Interested in our maintenance plans for heating & cooling systems in Ottawa? We offer a variety of fair and competitive priced maintenance packages for homeowners.

Heating and Cooling Maintanance

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can! With today’s Smart Home Technology, setting up Smart Thermostats can be troublesome. Leave it to the experts and have us install it for you, so you don’t have to worry about problems down the line.

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Certified and licensed professionals are trained and experienced in how to properly connect and install a gas line. If you try to handle this installation yourself, you will be putting yourself and your family at risk. Technicians also have the proper equipment, so you won’t have to worry about renting or buying equipment that you’ll likely only use once.

Thinking about getting a natural gas line? Contact MR Heating & Cooling today!

Our team at MR Heating & Cooling strives to make this transition as easy and stress-free as possible. We’ll be able to help you design and submit the plans for the gas line to the city of Ottawa for the necessary permits. We have all the necessary equipment to handle the installation, so we’ll be able to get the job done efficiently.

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Yes, you do. Our team at MR Heating & Cooling has experience installing gas lines in Ottawa, so we’ll be able to help you with submitting an application for a permit.

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